Suzanne Sexton, PA-C, MMS

As a Friend of Aussie Girl Skin Spa, we would like to introduce you to Suzanne Sexton with Root Medical Aesthetics. 

As a Physician Assistant with 13 years of experience, busy clinics, long hours and working weekends has been the norm for me. Taking a half or full day off work to fit in a dental appointment, a haircut or to get my Botox treatment is not only challenging but also quite frustrating. Add kids to the mix with practices and school events and making oneself a priority becomes more and more challenging! It should NOT be so difficult to do “life”!

At 38 years old, I have started to see the effects of work and life all over my face…this ranges from wrinkles and lines to sun damage from my younger years of irresponsible UV exposure! The changes that we see in the mirror as we age can be amazing signs of how far we’ve come. That being said, I can personally attest to how great it feels to look in the mirror and see the results of a chemical peel or Botox treatment. It just feels good to look good!

Root Medical Aesthetics, LLC was born out of my desire to offer clients convenient concierge aesthetic treatments that can fit ANY schedule! Concierge aesthetics for effortless enhancements!!

DISCLAIMER: Suzanne Sexton is the owner of Root Medical Aesthetics which is an independent business and has no affiliation financially with Aussie Girl Skin Spa. As a “Friend of Aussie Girl Skin Spa” the content on this page is for marketing purposes only. Any advice provided is not a substitute for advice from your medical provider.