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SWiCH Dermal Rejuvenation Treatment

This is our signature treatment and a wonderful, unique alternative to a chemical peel that works in harmony with the bodies natural repair function. This treatment provides and instant boost to aging skin, expect a change in the texture, look and feel of your skin and an all over brightening and reduction of pigmentation.

C-Peptide Peel Treatment

This treatment is designed with anti-aging vitamin C in mind. Exfoliation is key with the Zymase Enzyme containing Vitamin C. A Vitamin C Serum containing Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin B5 is applied following a firming peptide mask. Complete the treatment with a boost of Vitamin A for smoothing of wrinkles, stimulate collagen and has wonderful antioxidant properties.

Lactic Acid Peel

The Lactic Acid Peel is very effective for lessening the appearance of hyperpigmentation but is also considered hydrating to your skin. There is no down time with this peel and is a great option for those who need a “quick fix” to look good for an event as there is little to no peeling.

Dermafrost Peel

The Dermafrost Peel consists of 25% Salicylic acid and is very effective for addressing acne, scaring and discoloration associated with acne. it’s an amazing formulation and is a self-neutralizing peel. You will experience mild to moderate peeling with this peel.

Alpha/Beta Peel

The Alpha/Beta Peel is a combination of 30% Lactic Acid and 10% Salicylic Acid. This peel leaves your skin silky soft, even toned and with a gorgeous, luminous glow.

MandeliClear Peel

The MandeliClear Peel was developed for pigmentation issues in all skin types and especially for people with darker skin where pigmentation can be tricky to treat. This is a wonderful blend of acids to include Mandelic Acid which makes it effective for brightening pigmentation associated with acne, melasma or photo damaged skin. This Peel comes in different strengths to customize it to your needs. You can also add a Vitamin A Accelerator specially formulated to work in conjunction with this peel.

Jessner Peel

This is a true Jessner peel! A special blend of salicylic, lactic acids and resorcinol, each concentrated at 14%. This peel combats multiple skin conditions and you can expect significant peeling with minimal downtown.